Our story

In 2018, we felt that many plant-based products simply weren’t exciting, inspiring or most of all tasty. It wasn’t too hard to get something sustainable and healthy but much more challenging to find something you could crave. We’re also both deeply passionate about transforming our food system to address issues around climate and the environment.

We set out to prove that plant-based eating can be mouth-watering at the same time as healthy and sustainable. So, we started our mission to make whole-plant food that you wouldn’t feel guilty about eating more of.

We noticed that nature makes plenty of plants that already have great meat-like textures. We zeroed in on jackfruit, a completely underutilised resource, with an excellent sustainability profile and massive potential for lots of product applications.

The Jackfruit products on the market didn’t meet our expectations, so we set about creating a new approach for our products. Best of all we didn’t need to send it through a mountain of processing to make a remarkable product, just lots of smart research & intelligent product development!

We are so proud to be building the next generation of plant-based food products, with the benefits of eating minimally processed whole-plants, the experience of eating something that closely replicates meat, and a sourcing story that you can feel great about supporting.

We hope you want to join us on our mission too.

Blair and Dan

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