Our story

How it all started

The KARANA story starts back in 2018 with our simple mission: to make delicious whole-plant food you wouldn’t feel guilty about eating more of.

Sure, lots of plant-based products were healthy and sustainable, but they weren’t exciting or inspiring – and they weren’t something you’d crave.

We’re both deeply passionate about transforming our food industry to address climate and environmental issues, so we set out to make sustainable taste amazing.

The magic ingredient

Nature makes plenty of plants with incredible meat-like textures, and for our first ingredient, we zeroed in on the king of meaty plants: the jackfruit.

It’s a massively underutilised resource, with an excellent sustainability profile and huge potential as the ingredient in a ton of great dishes. There were jackfruit products on the market, but we knew we could make them taste even better, so we got to work on researching and developing Karana’s first products.

The future is plant-based

We’re so proud to be making the next generation of plant-based products and proving once and for all that meat-free can be mouth-wateringly tasty.

We’ll be working hard to continue making minimally processed whole-plants, offering you the experience of eating something that closely replicates meat and offering a sourcing story that you can feel great about supporting.

We’re excited for you to join us on our mission.

Blair and Dan

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