Small Change,
Big Difference

As a bunch of food lovers, we thought we could help make the world a happier, healthier place. So we’ve created an irresistible alternative to meat. One that responds to consumer concerns around food transparency, healthy eating and sustainability, whilst offering a genuinely meaty taste and texture.

When healthy met tasty

We don’t believe you should have to choose between taste, health and sustainability. We believe you can have it all… in a bao, or a dumpling, or a gyoza. It’s Asian comfort food, just a little bit different.

Sustainably sourced, minimally processed

Our first range is made from young jackfruit, a sustainable, abundant plant renowned for its naturally meaty texture.

Sourced from smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka
and transformed in our Karana kitchens into a delicious whole-plant meat. Karana has all of the natural good stuff, but none of the artificial nasties or dodgy processing.

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