Deliciously indulgent comfort food
made from whole-plants

We make food you can feel good about eating more of.

We bring out the best in plants that are sustainably sourced and naturally meat-like, then we process them as little as possible. That means you can kiss goodbye to ingredients lists longer than your attention span.

The result? Plant-based food that’s deliciously meaty… without involving a single animal (unless they want a bite)

Minimally processed
Sustainably sourced
Free from artificial colours and flavours
Short ingredient lists

That’s because the No 1 ingredient in our first products really is just that – a hero.

Here are our 4 favourite things about this legend of the plant world…

It’s ridiculously meat-like
With a texture and taste that’s naturally just like meat, it’s hard to believe jackfruit is really a plant. Try it and see for yourself…
It’s crazy-versatile,
Jackfruit grabs onto sauces, spices and seasoning, making it an absolute flavour magnet, with a texture that brings something new to every dish.
It’s properly good for you
With high fibre levels, no cholesterol, low fat and low calories compared to meat, it’s guilt-free in more ways than one.
It’s everywhere
Well, OK – not everywhere. But it is a hugely plentiful resource and at the moment, a lot of it is going to waste. We want to change that.
KARANA can be a delicious recipe inclusion or ingredient alternative for anyone interested in plant-forward meals. A desirable nutrition profile makes it worth indulging in, too – like the low total and saturated fat, the high fibre content, and the absence of sugar. These attributes tend to be most attractive to my private clients focused on weight management, blood sugar control and digestive health.
Eve Persak
Nutritionist MS, RDN, CNSC, CSSD
I enjoy using jackfruit because it is a great plant-based alternative that appeals to not just vegans and vegetarians, but customers who are generally trying to reduce their meat consumption. As a chef, I also find jackfruit a very versatile ingredient that can be adapted to many different recipes to produce satisfying, enjoyable dishes.
Gisela Salazar Golding
Culinary Director – Grain Traders Singapore
Karana has been and will continue to be one of the best players in the market simply because they know that they have a good, natural meat alternative that effectively follows the timeless ethos of simplicity being paramount to quality. Very few additives, chemicals, processes, manipulation. Just a good product, naturally grown.
Oliver Truesdale-Jutras
Chef – Open Farm Community Singapore 
At Candlenut we believe in using the best possible ingredients and keeping things simple, which is why we’re thrilled to be a launch partner for Asia’s first whole-plant meat substitute, KARANA. We’re looking forward to introducing our new KARANA dish to diners, to offer them all the texture and flavour, without any processing or manipulation.
Malcolm Lee
Chef – Candlenut (Michelin Star) Singapore
I am constantly on the lookout for new innovations, creations and products, sticking to my belief of food from known sources. KARANA is made out of fresh young Jackfruit, which has so much nutritional value and texture, but most importantly, is minimally processed. With the increasing interest in plant-based diets, we are delighted to add a delicious whole-plant meat option, which works in a variety of dishes, to our range of meat and fish specialities
Patrick Heuberger
Chef and Owner – Atout Singapore
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