Whole Plant Ingredients Transformed

How have we done it? By looking at things differently. By getting up close and personal with every ingredient we source. By asking stupid questions. By imagining a different way.

In fact, you could say we’re in the business of reimagining food. We take natural, whole-plant ingredients and we transform them into irresistibly tasty meats, starting with pork. 

The first ingredient we are working with is jackfruit. Jackfruit's nutritional profile can't be beaten by animal meat or processed plant-based meats. Every bite is packed with fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates, and potassium (to name a few!), making it a low-calorie, heart-healthy, and diabetes-friendly ingredient that can be incorporated into almost every cuisine!

Jackfruit also has one of the best environmental profiles of any crop and has been hailed as a miracle crop for its potential to improve food security. These abundant trees can be cultivated without any herbicides or pesticides, are resistant to drought, pests, and disease, and can stick it out even as climate change makes other crops difficult to farm.

At Karana, we're passionate about developing and sharing the delicious potential of this hidden and underutilized Southeast Asian gem, without compromise on taste or texture. Karana partners with farmers in Sri-Lanka to source our Jack. We control every step in the delivery of our products from farm to table. Using our innovations we transform the Jack into a delicious whole-plant based meat for chefs at every level to cook with!